James Taylor

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Playlist search results for James Taylor
Album Title Tracks Played
Supplier At Christmas  In The Bleak Mindwinter
Supplier Before This World  Angels Of Fenway
Supplier Classic Songs  Fire And Rain
Handy Man
Shower The People
Sweet Baby James
You've Got A Friend
Supplier Greatest Hits Volume 2  Copperline
Supplier Hourglass  Another Day
Jump Up Behind Me
Line 'Em Up
Yellow And Rose
Supplier James Taylor  Something In The Way She Moves
Supplier Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon  Mud Slide Slim
Supplier New Moon Shine  Copperline
The Frozen Man
Supplier October Road  My Travelling Star
October Road
On The Fourth Of July
Raised Up Family
September Grass
Supplier October Road (Limited Edition)  September Grass
Supplier Sweet Baby James  Sweet Baby James
No image The Best Of James Taylor  Carolina In My Mind
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
Supplier Transatlantic Sessions 4 Volume 2  Copperline
Supplier You've Got A Friend - The Best Of  Carolina On My Mind
Country Road
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Fire And Rain
Handy Man
Long Ago And Far Away
Shower The People
Sweet Baby James
You Can Close Your Eyes
You've Got A Friend
Most played tracks Plays
Gaia  16 21st Feb 1998-23rd Oct 2016
Shower The People  9 31st Oct 1998-14th Feb 2016
Copperline  7 11th Nov 2000-7th Jun 2012
Sweet Baby James  6 18th Apr 1998-19th Apr 2015
Fire And Rain  5 3rd Mar 2001-21st Feb 2016
September Grass  3 31st Aug 2002-1st Sep 2013
My Travelling Star  2 17th Aug 2002-4th Jan 2003
The Frozen Man  2 25th Dec 2004-17th Dec 2005
Carolina On My Mind  2 7th Mar 2013-29th Mar 2015
You've Got A Friend  2 28th Jul 2001-29th May 2004
Handy Man  2 19th Aug 2012-13th Sep 2015
October Road  2 17th Mar 2013-30th Oct 2016
Jump Up Behind Me  1 20th Jun 1998
Something In The Way She Moves  1 26th Sep 2009
Montana  1 17th May 2015
Line 'Em Up  1 31st Jan 1998
On The Fourth Of July  1 1st Feb 2003
Mud Slide Slim  1 29th May 2011
Angels Of Fenway  1 28th Jun 2015
Long Ago And Far Away  1 20th May 2006

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