Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires, Nashville 2013
Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires, Nashville 2013
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Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell, Suzy Bogguss, Amanda Shires

Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires

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Jela Webb review:
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit/John Moreland
Concorde 2, Brighton
January 19th 2016

First gig of the year for me and one I'd been looking forward to very much especially as it was to be my first time seeing John Moreland play live. He opened the night with a 45 minute set (previous openin...full text >>>

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Playlist search results for Jason Isbell
Album Title Tracks Played
No image (Live at the Ryman)  Alabama Pines
No image (Nashville Session)  Alabama Pines
In A Razor Town
No image (Session)  Hope The High Road
If We Were Vampires
Last Of My Kind
Supplier Here We Rest  Alabama Pines
Go It Alone
Stopping By
We've Met
Supplier Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit  Seven Mile Island
The Blue
Supplier Live From Alabama  Alabama Pines
The Blue
Supplier Live From The Ryman  Cumberland Gap
Supplier Sirens Of The Ditch  Brand New Kind Of Actress
Chicago Promenade
Supplier Something More Than Free  24 Frames
Children Of Children
How To Forget
If It Takes A Lifetime
Palmetto Rose
Speed Trap Town
The Life You Chose
To A Band That I Loved
Supplier Southeastern  Cover Me Up
Different Days
Flying Over Water
Relatively Easy
Travelling Alone
Supplier The Nashville Sound  Hope The High Road
If We Were Vampires
Something To Love
Most played tracks Plays
Different Days  10 25th Jul 2013-11th Oct 2018
Travelling Alone  7 20th Jun 2013-26th Mar 2017
Something To Love  7 8th Jun 2017-9th Aug 2018
Alabama Pines  7 5th May 2011-27th Dec 2012
Go It Alone  5 26th Mar 2011-6th Sep 2012
Stockholm  3 13th Jun 2013-15th May 2014
Hope The High Road  3 6th Apr 2017-15th Jun 2017
Palmetto Rose  3 9th Aug 2015-31st Jan 2016
If We Were Vampires  3 15th Jun 2017-13th Sep 2018
The Life You Chose  3 9th Jul 2015-8th Jan 2017
Flagship  3 28th Jun 2015-25th Feb 2016
24 Frames  3 11th Feb 2016-2nd Oct 2016
Seven Mile Island  2 20th Jun 2009-25th Jul 2009
Stopping By  2 21st Apr 2011-26th May 2011
Cover Me Up  2 25th Sep 2014-1st Mar 2015
The Blue  2 21st Nov 2009-22nd Nov 2012
We've Met  2 3rd Apr 2011-2nd Sep 2012
Last Of My Kind  2 15th Jun 2017-28th Dec 2017
How To Forget  1 25th Jun 2015
Brand New Kind Of Actress  1 28th Jul 2007

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