Keith Urban

Roy Webber, Bob, Keith Urban, Dave Shannon
Roy Webber, Bob, Keith Urban, Dave Shannon
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Al Booth, Roy Webber and Keith Urban

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Album Title Tracks Played
No image (Live CMA)  You Gonna Fly
No image (Live)  Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me
You're Not Alone Tonight
No image 35th Annual CMA Awards  Where The Blacktop Ends
Supplier Be Here  Better Life
Country Comfort
Days Go By
Live To Love Another Day
Making Memories Of Us
No image CD Single  Somebody Like You
Supplier Days Go By  Days Go By
Somebody Like You
Supplier Defying Gravity  'Til Summer Comes Around
Hit The Ground Runnin'
Supplier Fuse  Raise 'Em Up
Supplier Golden Road  Somebody Like You
Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me
Supplier Graffiti U  Never Coming Down
Texas Time
Supplier Keith Urban  Where The Blacktop Ends
Supplier Love, Pain And The Whole Crazy Thing  Once In A Lifetime
Raise The Barn
Supplier Ripcord  John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16
Worry 'Bout Nothin'
Most played tracks Plays
Somebody Like You  18 19th Sep 2002-2nd Jun 2016
Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me  16 28th Aug 2003-29th Nov 2018
Where The Blacktop Ends  11 8th Nov 2001-26th Oct 2017
Days Go By  7 21st Oct 2004-27th Jul 2017
John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16  3 26th May 2016-27th Oct 2016
Hit The Ground Runnin'  2 3rd Mar 2011-19th May 2011
Live To Love Another Day  2 30th Dec 2004-20th Jan 2005
You're Not Alone Tonight  1 4th Mar 2004
Raise 'Em Up  1 15th Jan 2015
'Til Summer Comes Around  1 24th Feb 2011
Texas Time  1 10th May 2018
You Gonna Fly  1 11th Nov 2011
Never Coming Down  1 10th Jan 2019
Once In A Lifetime  1 1st Nov 2007
Worry 'Bout Nothin'  1 23rd Nov 2017
Country Comfort  1 7th Oct 2004
Making Memories Of Us  1 11th Jun 2015
Raise The Barn  1 22nd Nov 2018
Better Life  1 20th Oct 2016

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