Mary Gauthier

Mary Gauthier and Ethan Johns in session on Bob Harris Country, July 2014
Mary Gauthier and Ethan Johns in session on Bob Harris Country, July 2014
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Mary Gauthier

Mary Gauthier and Ethan Johns

Julian Lennon, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Mary Gauthier and Robert Plant

Mary Gauthier

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Jela Webb review:
First night of the tour saw Mary Gauthier take the stage accompanied by violinist Tania Elizabeth (who accompanied her the last time I saw her at Bush Hall, earlier this year). TE also provided harmony vocals throughout. A good pairing.

Nice sized crowd in Komedia's 'Downstairs' room which was...full text >>>

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Album Title Tracks Played
No image   Message
No image (Session)  Another Train
Christmas Paradise
Goddam HIV
How You Learn To Live Alone
I Drink
Mercy Now
Prayer Without Words
The Foundling
The Lady Of The Shooting Stars
Supplier Between Daylight And Dark  I Ain't Leaving
Same Road
Supplier Dixie Kitchen  Goddam HIV
Old Love Never Dies
The Other Side Of Free
Supplier Drag Queens In Limousines  Different Kind Of Gone
Drag Queens In Limousines
I Drink
Jackie's Train
Lucky Stars
Slip Of The Tongue
Supplier Filth And Fire  After You're Gone
Camelot Motel
Christmas In Paradise
Long Way To Fall
Merry Go Round
Sugar Kane
Supplier Genesis (The Early Years)  Camelot Motel
Supplier Live At Blue Rock  I Drink
Supplier Mercy Now  Drop In A Bucket
Empty Spaces
Falling Out Of Love
I Drink
Mercy Now
Wheel Inside The Wheel
Your Sister Cried
Supplier Rifles And Rosary Beads  Bullet Holes In The Sky
The War After The War
Supplier The Foundling  Blood Is Blood
March 11. 1962
Sweet Words
Supplier Trouble And Love  How You Learn To Live Alone
Trouble And Love
When A Woman Grows Cold
Supplier Way Beyond Nashville  The Ledge
Most played tracks Plays
Christmas In Paradise  27 19th Dec 2002-20th Dec 2018
I Drink  15 7th Apr 2001-7th Jul 2016
Mercy Now  12 18th Dec 2004-10th Apr 2016
Long Way To Fall  9 4th May 2002-23rd Jun 2005
Camelot Motel  9 11th May 2002-26th Jun 2008
Empty Spaces  8 8th Jan 2005-24th May 2015
Bullet Holes In The Sky  5 14th Dec 2017-10th Jan 2019
How You Learn To Live Alone  4 26th Jun 2014-20th Sep 2018
Sugar Kane  4 2nd May 2002-17th May 2003
Slip Of The Tongue  3 22nd Sep 2001-28th Oct 2005
Lucky Stars  3 11th Oct 2001-10th Apr 2003
Same Road  2 21st Jul 2007-28th Jul 2007
Wheel Inside The Wheel  2 26th Feb 2005-7th Apr 2005
Drop In A Bucket  2 6th Jan 2005-15th May 2016
Goddam HIV  2 1st Nov 2001-24th Nov 2002
Different Kind Of Gone  2 14th Apr 2001-2nd Jun 2001
After You're Gone  2 25th Jul 2002-11th Nov 2004
Falling Out Of Love  2 11th Mar 2005-10th Sep 2005
The Lady Of The Shooting Stars  1 26th Jun 2008
Drag Queens In Limousines  1 1st Nov 2001

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