Nels Andrews

Bob and Nels Andrews in session for the Country Programme, December 2004
Bob and Nels Andrews in session for the Country Programme, December 2004
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Nels Andrews

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Jela Webb review:
Lovely evening at Green Note last night. Nels did a 35/40 min set first, short interval break then Anna did a slightly longer set, then the pair of them sang Nels' 'Big Oaks Sway' then Nels did 'Evergreen' and Anna finished of the night with Elvis' 'In the Ghetto'

Have been a Nels fan since hear...full text >>>

See Whisperer's reviews:
Nels Andrews@Slaughtered Lamb, London
Nels Andrews
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Album Title Tracks Played
No image (Live)  Lady Of The Silver Spoon
Temple Incense
No image (Session)  Broken Conversation
Jessie's Mother
No image Duct Tape And Whisky  Dollar And A Dream
No image Off Track Betting  Butterfly Wing
Dollar And The Dream
Shoot Out The Stars
Temple Incense
Supplier Sunday Shoes  Broken Conversation
Central Avenue Romance
Denim Scarecrow
Jesse's Mom
Lilli Marlene
Petal To A Bee
Most played tracks Plays
Jesse's Mom  5 26th Aug 2004-26th Jan 2006
Broken Conversation  4 22nd Jul 2004-12th Feb 2005
Central Avenue Romance  2 19th Aug 2004-30th Dec 2004
Meadowlake  2 29th Jul 2004-25th Nov 2004
Lilli Marlene  2 11th Jun 2005-8th Jul 2005
Temple Incense  2 19th Jan 2008-27th Mar 2008
Petal To A Bee  2 9th Dec 2004-3rd Mar 2005
Butterfly Wing  1 26th Jan 2008
Denim Scarecrow  1 10th Jul 2004
Dollar And A Dream  1 7th Oct 2006
Jessie's Mother  1 9th Dec 2004
Dollar And The Dream  1 27th Mar 2008
Shoot Out The Stars  1 24th Jan 2008
Lady Of The Silver Spoon  1 27th Mar 2008

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