Rod Picott

Rod Picott in session on Bob Harris Sunday, 2016
Rod Picott in session on Bob Harris Sunday, 2016
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Rod Picott

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Jela Webb review:
Rod Picott
The Greys, Brighton
February 1st 2016

The Greys, one of Brighton’s pubs with a great reputation for serving up good music played host to Rod Picott once again. Picott has been playing here ever since he first started touring in the UK and it was great to see him back amongst ...full text >>>

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Rod Picott, Green Note, London 8/10/14
Rod Picott, Prince Albert, Brighton 27/10/11
Rod Picott + Amanda Shires Turners Hill H/C 6/6
Playlist search results for Rod Picott
Album Title Tracks Played
No image (Session)  Elbow Grease
Maybe That's What It Takes
Rust Belt Fields
Space Change
Torn In Two
Welding Burns
Your Father's Tattoo
Supplier Fortune  Elbow Grease
Supplier Girl From Arkansas  Girl From Arkansas
Wrecking Ball
Supplier Hang Your Hopes On A Crooked Nail  Milkweed
Supplier Stray Dogs  Circus Girl
Find Your Way Home
I Coulda Been The King
Workshirts And Turpentine
Supplier Summerbirds  Birds Won't Fly
Something In Spanish
Trouble Girl
Supplier Tiger Tom Dixon's Blues  All About You
Broke Down
Gettin' To Me
On And On
Torn In Two
Supplier Welding Burns  Rust Belt Fields
Welding Burns
Most played tracks Plays
Torn In Two  9 11th Aug 2001-26th Feb 2017
Elbow Grease  3 10th Jan 2016-8th Jan 2017
Circus Girl  3 24th Aug 2002-6th Feb 2003
Find Your Way Home  2 7th Sep 2002-1st Dec 2005
Girl From Arkansas  2 19th Aug 2004-17th Sep 2004
Rust Belt Fields  2 8th Dec 2011-6th May 2012
Gettin' To Me  2 9th Aug 2001-3rd Nov 2001
Wrecking Ball  2 7th Aug 2004-10th Sep 2004
Welding Burns  2 28th Apr 2011-8th Dec 2011
All About You  1 18th Aug 2001
Something In Spanish  1 16th Aug 2007
Maybe That's What It Takes  1 31st Jul 2016
On And On  1 26th May 2001
I Coulda Been The King  1 21st Jul 2005
Your Father's Tattoo  1 8th Dec 2011
Broke Down  1 27th May 2010
Trouble Girl  1 12th Jul 2007
Birds Won't Fly  1 30th Aug 2007
Space Change  1 31st Jul 2016
Workshirts And Turpentine  1 14th Sep 2006

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