Sam Baker

Sam Baker, Carrie Elkin and Chip Dolan in session on Bob Harris Sunday, October 2013
Sam Baker, Carrie Elkin and Chip Dolan in session on Bob Harris Sunday, October 2013
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Carrie Elkin, Sam Baker and Chip Dolan

Sam Baker

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Venue Information Errigle Inn, Belfast   Fri 2nd Feb 2018
Venue Information The Mackintosh Church, Glasgow   Sun 4th Feb 2018
Venue Information The Poppy and Pint, Nottingham   Tue 6th Feb 2018
Venue Information The B-Bar, Plymouth   Fri 9th Feb 2018
Venue Information The Met, Bury   Sat 10th Feb 2018
Venue Information The Live Room @ Caroline Street Social Club, Shipley   Sun 11th Feb 2018
Venue Information All Saints Arts Centre, Lewes   Wed 14th Feb 2018
Jela Webb review:
Sam Baker
The All Saints Centre, Lewes
June 1st 2014

Introducing Sam Baker to the Lewes audience, promoter Jamie Freeman from Union Music, called him ‘inimitable’ and that word is a perfect description of the Texan singer-songwriter. Baker came late to music and live performance. He ‘pi...full text >>>

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Playlist search results for Sam Baker
Album Title Tracks Played
No image (Live)  Broken Fingers
Isn't Love Great
Say Grace
White Heat
Supplier A Case For Case  Still Playin'
Supplier Cotton  Angel Hair
Who's Gonna Be Your Man
Supplier Mercy  Angels
Supplier Night Train To Nashville  Something Tells Me
Supplier Pretty World  Boxes
Broken Fingers
Pretty World
No image Say Grace  Isn't Love Great
Panhandle Winter
Say Grace
White Heat
Most played tracks Plays
Iron  9 28th Apr 2005-29th Jun 2017
Broken Fingers  9 14th Apr 2007-15th Aug 2010
Waves  8 19th May 2005-21st May 2015
Snow  7 14th Nov 2009-23rd Dec 2012
Orphan  6 12th Apr 2007-26th Jul 2012
Signs  3 6th Jun 2009-14th Nov 2009
Say Grace  3 27th Jun 2013-20th Oct 2013
Panhandle Winter  3 1st Sep 2013-19th Dec 2013
Kitchen  3 30th Apr 2005-24th Apr 2016
Juarez  2 16th Aug 2007-15th Oct 2009
Moon  2 18th Jul 2009-25th Sep 2011
Isn't Love Great  2 4th Aug 2013-20th Oct 2013
Angels  2 13th Dec 2007-14th Nov 2009
Odessa  2 4th Aug 2007-26th Apr 2008
Cotton  2 30th May 2009-27th Aug 2009
White Heat  2 2nd Jun 2013-20th Oct 2013
Slots  1 10th May 2007
Who's Gonna Be Your Man  1 15th Sep 2011
Still Playin'  1 25th Feb 2006
Mennonite  1 14th Nov 2009

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