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Volume 1
Assembly Records ASEMCD1
Trish Murphy - Me Behind The Wheel
Rubies On The LawnOne of the Doolittle roster of artists, Trish Murphy makes an opening statement of independence.

Dolly Varden - The Dumbest Magnets
The Dumbest MagnetsA dolly varden is a stubborn, iridescent fish found in the northwestern United States. Dolly Varden is also a band from Chicago. 'The Dumbest Magnets' is the title track from their second CD and it's as good as anything I've heard for years. Lo-fi brilliance that'll send a shiver down your spine.

Steve Earle & Del McCoury Band - I'm Still In Love With You
The MountainTo me, visiting the Room and Board studio in Nashville was like walking into the Sun studios in Memphis. So this is where the Twangtrust produce their incredible sound. Listen to the complexity of the playing on this track. Yet you can hear every note. The ensemble recorded live basically one take. Ray Kennedy is the man!

Kate Rusby - The Wild Goose
Kate Rusby - SleeplessAt last, a new generation of musicians is emerging to take English folk music in to 21st Century. Kate Rusby is confident, contemporary, engaging and authentic. 'Sleepless' was 1999 Mercury Music Price nominated and is a gem.

Eva Cassidy - Fields Of Gold
SongbirdWhat a bitter-sweet story this is. A shy self-effacing woman with the voice of an angel who dies of cancer at the tragically early age of 33, leaving a legacy of tracks of stunning simplicity and beauty. This is her shimmering version of the much covered Sting song. This version is the best.

Walter Trout - Nothin' But The Blues
Livin' Every DayThere's no doubt in my mind that Walter is one of the best guitar players on the Planet. And the man's a trooper. All that's been missing is commercial recognition of the great music he and his band have been making for more than a decade.

Eric Bibb - World War Blues
Home To MeI first heard Eric live in 1996 when he played a totally stunning acoustic session for the evening show I was then doing on the wonderful GLR. Wow! He's so cool! 'World War Blues', like the whole 'Home To Me' album, was recorded in the living room of our friends Sue and Dave Williams farmhouse in Norfolk.

Whiskeytown - 16 Days
Stranger's AlmanacThe Nirvana of Country

Alison Krauss - Maybe
Forget About ItI'm simply a big fan. I just think this is a lovely track. That's it.

Emmylou Harris - Love Hurts
SpyboyI first heard this song by the Everly Bros. Respect to the high priestess of the Church of Serendipity.

Vigilantes Of Love - Resplendent
Audible SighThe band from Athens, Georgia, who've caused such a stir on my Radio 2 show. 'Resplendent' demonstrates why. Produced by Buddy Miller and featuring Emmylou Harris, this is haunting, atmospheric music from their brilliant 'Audible Sigh' album.

Judie Tzuke - Tonight
Secret AgentThis beautiful track opens 'Secret Agent', the third of three albums which Jude has so far released on her own Big Moon record label.

Sinéad Lohan - No Mermaid
No MermaidCovered recently by Joan Baez, this is the original version of a song which seems to touch a chord, somehow. The sea as life.

Todd Thibaud - Little Mystery
Todd Thibaud I just think Todd Thibaud's music is great. He's got two albums out and they're both stuffed with terrific songs. American music... from Austin, Texas!

David Munyon - Super Blue
Acrylic TeepeesSome people are blessed with a voice able to affect and touch. David Munyon is one of them. I get incredible reaction every time I play him on Radio 2. I somehow thought 'Super Blue' would be a perfect way to close this first collection. Buddy lives!
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