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The ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’ was a huge supporter of Country music. Even the original theme tune came from the heart of Tennessee. ‘Stone Fox Chase’ was recorded by Area Code 615, a group of top Nashville session guys who took their name from the local telephone code. The record featured the wonderful harmonica playing of Charlie McCoy.

My own love of Country had been fired by Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers and Ricky Nelson in the 50’s but really took root with the release of ‘Sweethearts of the Rodeo’ by the Byrds in 1968. The album was the vision of Gram Parsons, who had joined the band only a few months before it was released, yet he created a sound that is deeply influential to this day. He went on to form the Flying Burrito Brothers, discover Emmylou Harris and make two solo albums that became the template for a whole new generation of Alternative Country bands. This album is dedicated to him.

Amazingly, I never visited Nashville with ‘Whistle Test’ but it has now become a massive part of my life, through my Radio 2 show ‘Bob Harris Country’.

I would like to thank the Nashville music community for their friendship and warmth, particularly Eric Brace and Last Train Home for recording the brilliant new version of ‘Stone Fox Chase’ that closes this record. And guess what...the record features the wonderful harmonica playing of Charlie McCoy.


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