Artist Track Album Catalogue
Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel  The All-Time Greatest Hits RCA PD 90100 (2)
Gallery Catherine McGrath Don't Let Me Forget  Talk Of This Town WB
Sara Douga We're Just Dancin'  Boots, Bras and Drawers 
Jason Boland and the Stragglers Right Where I Began  Hard Times Are Relative 
Gallery Sugarland Mother  Bigger 
Robbie McIntosh Quickstep  (Session) 
Robbie McIntosh Country Gent  (Session) 
Robbie McIntosh Thanks Chet  (Session) 
Don Gibson Sea Of Heartbreak  The Chet Atkins Story PROPERBOX 187
Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler Yakety Axe  Neck And Neck CBS 467435 2
Gallery Dierks Bentley Riser  Riser Deca/Riser
Travis Meadows Underdogs  First Cigarette McDowell Rd / Blaster Records BLS-02-17624
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