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Under the Apple Tree: Whispering Bob Harris branches out with new roots music festival - The Oxford Times

Daily Telegraph
"John Lennon was paid in chocolate biscuits: 10 things we learnt from Whispering Bob's memoirs", 9 June 2015

Amazing life of Whispering Bob Harris: Sid Vicious glass attack, Keith Richards' cocaine and cancer return - The Mirror, 24 May 2015

'Whispering' Bob Harris on the continued importance of DJs, the return of Top of The Pops - and his worst interviewee - Big Issue, 15 May 2015

The Oxford TimesSixties survivor Bob Harris on his life in radio The Oxford Times, 14 May 2015

InstrumetaliBob Harris - The Voice From Under The Radar, 8 Jan 2013

John O'Groat Journal
Bob Harris favourite makes Highland debut.

DELIBERATE or not, the title of US songwriter Lizanne Knott’s latest album has proved to be only too apt for her latest UK visit.
The Philadelphia singer has been spending more time on this side of the Atlantic since BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris started playing what he has called her "absolutely gorgeous music" regularly.

Oxford Mail
CITY rock heroes Supergrass reunited yesterday to mark the unveiling of a blue plaque at their spiritual home
Legendary DJ Bob Harris introduced the four as they returned to the tiny upstairs stage for a Q&A

If I had to pick just one voice in the UK right now - it would have to be Bob Harris. He talks, I listen and take it all in. That man has a god given talent to communicate like no other. He is the perfect voice for late nights but we need to hear more of him. Every broadcaster should just listen to him now and again and ask themselves - why is he so good?

The Telegraph
Salute the trailblazer Broadcaster Whispering Bob Harris is deservedly honoured at the 2011 Americana Awards - along with some of the most gifted musicians around.

The Telegraph

OGWT Review

Music Week Music Week Review

The Independant
He may be old and grey, but Whispering Bob is far from testing
, 28th August 2011

The Times

Daily Telegraph
"Bob Harris: still a champion of the music ", 11 July 2011

The Independent
'"Whistle Test' returns to the BBC"
, 7 July 2011

Daily Telegraph

"The Old Grey Whistle Test to return to BBC ", 6 July 2011

The Independent
New Statesman, 18th May 2011

The Independent
Eight kids, no drugs, but plenty of rock'n'roll

Interview by Matthew Bell
Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Guardian
Mary-Chapin Carpenter special
, 21st October 2010
'Any in-depth interview Harris undertakes with a musician he likes, especially with live tracks, is going to be good, but Carpenter just came across as so grounded, modest and grateful'.

Sunday Express
"The Love I Will Leave"
22nd August 2010
Music institution Bob Harris is celebrating his 40th year in broadcasting. Jane Clinton finds him as enthusiastic as when he set out.

Northampton Chronicle
"~Whispering Bob's 40 years of radio" - 20th August 2010
'Whispering' Bob Harris, a champion of new music, admired broadcasting figure and former Northampton schoolboy, has celebrated 40 years as a radio DJ.

Daily Telegraph
"I don't feel like some old fogey talking to these kids"
- 21st August 2010
Still going strong. It's 40 years to the day since the radio debut of " ~Whispering" Bob Harris.

Sunday Telegraph
Sunday Telegraph, 15 August 2010
The Observer, 15th August 2010
Sunday Times
The Sunday Times, 15th August 2010
Open Mic

Quiet Words Softly Spoken

He may not have been the first - or, indeed - the last man to bring Whistle Test to the viewing public, but 30 years after it first hit our screens, the name - and the voice - of Bob Harris are still synonymous with the BBC's long-running TV rock show.

Keith Badman profiles The Old Grey Whistle Test classic years
Keith Badman profiles The Old Grey Whistle Test classic years

It was the worst week of my life
It was the worst week of my life

In 2007, cult broadcaster Bob Harris told his Radio 2 listeners he was taking a break for cancer treatment.

Harrogate Advertiser
Bob Harris looks ahead to Wally show

For broadcasting legend Bob Harris the event on Saturday, April 17 will offer the chance to hear some of the songs in their completed form, having acted as producer on unreleased versions back in the flared-trousered 1970s.

The Telegram
ECMA conference

BBC Radios Bob Harris starts second-last day of events with keynote speech

Cape Breton Post
Legendary broadcaster Bob Harris gives his insight at ECMA conference

SYDNEY - A lineup of managers, promoters and budding artists waited patiently for a just brief meeting with Bob Harris, hoping to promote their latest release.

The Independent
My Life In Travel: Bob Harris, DJ

'Nashville is my second home: I love the music scene'
Interview by Sophie Lam
Saturday, 6 February 2010

Radio Choice
MARTY STUART started performing at 12, married into and divorced out of the Cash dynasty, and has had hits including Hillbilly Rock, Western Girls and The Whiskey Ain't Working'. Yes indeed, he's the real McCoy - a distinguished and influential figure in country music, with his roots in bluegrass and rockabilly. Marty joins Whispering Bob this evening (Bob Harris Country (Radio 2, 7pm) to shoot the breeze about country music and give us a song or two.

© Daily Mail

Daily Telegraph
Marty Stuart is tonight's special guest, American roots musician, worldwide ambassador for country music. In a session recorded in Nashville last September he discusses his career playing mandolin aged 12 in a country band; later backing such legends as Johnny Cash and Lester Flatts; becoming a solo artist; moving away from the mainstream to make his album The PIlgrim in the older ballad tradition. His own band now,. The Fabulous Superlatives, tour and star on US television. And he wears suits by legendary cowboy tailors Nudie Dohn and Manuel Cuevas.

© The Daily Telegraph

The Independent
The visionary roots country musician Marty Stuart is Whispering Bob's guest this week.

© The Independent

The StageThe Stage

It's not often a radio programme enables you to soak up and revel in the atmosphere and history of a famous venue. This hour, Harris at ease as both expert and fan, made you feel you had paid a personal visit.

The Mother Church of Country Music: the Ryman Auditorium
7.00pm Radio 4
For opera buffs it's the Royal Albert Hall - iconic venues that are the spiritual as well as the physical home of a particular genre of music. Bob Harris joins the Nashville tourist trail and takes us on a virtual tour of the Ryman Auditorium, hallowed ground for devotees of country music. Emmylou Harris (above) is among those showing Bob around - it's her 1992 live recording from the Ryman that is credited with the reawakening interest in the old place after it had fallen into disrepair. Bob also meets other performers, staff and some of the thousands of people who visit the theatre and museum every year. It's a fascinating story that's brimming with colourful characters that have given this former gospel tabernacle it's unique place in country music history.

© Radio Times

Radio Choice
The Ryman Auditorium is a handsome, red-brick building in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded by a river-boat captain as a centre for rivivalist worship, it became the venue for the Grand Ole Opry broadcasts, then fell into disrepair. Emmylou Harris, who threw herself into saving the Ryman, is one of the celebrity guides taking Bob Harris into The Mother Church Of Country Music (Radio 2, 7pm), on a tour of the refurbished and revitalised building.

© Daily Mail

Radio Choice
The Mother Church of Country Music Radio 2, 7pm
Remarkably, this hour-long history of the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, can be recommended to people who don't even like country music (those who are physically allergic to it are, of course, excused). There's very little actual music involved, just the occasional sliver of somebody done somebody wrong songs. Instead, here's a fine piece of social history, presented by Bob Harris and people talking about the former church whose famous acoustics have made all the greats - Charlie Chaplin, Sergei Rachmaninov and Rudolph Valentino, besides all the people in big hats - feel right at home. It's all studded with enough stories to fill three programmes, of which one will have to suffice here - when the hall was refurbished (and it needed it), in 1994, enough chewing gum was recovered from underneath the pews that still serve as seats to fill a 55-gallon oil drum.

© The Times

Radio Choice
The Mother Church of Country Music: The Ryman Auditorium
7pm, Radio 2

Bob Harris takes a guided tour through much-loved building the Ryman Auditorium, in downtown Nashville, as part of Radio 2's celebration of the 43rd annual Country Music Association Awards

© The Independent

Ruby Turner
Bob Harris
11pm, Radio 2
A live performance of genuine, old-style gospel music, including Get Away Jordan and Old Ship Of Zion, from our very own Ruby Turner (pictured). Soul-thrilling stuff.

Rosanne Cash
Bob Harris Country

The singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash talks to Bob Harris about her latest project, an album compiled from a list of essential country tunes given to her in 1973 by her father, Johnny Cash.

Rosanne Cash Radio Times
"Making his list, I can see him so the top he wrote '100 Essential Country Songs' and he gave it to me and said: 'This is your education'". In an engaging interview recorded in Nashville, Rosanne Cash (right) explains the genesis of her exciting sounding new album, The List, featuring covers of her father Johnny Cash's favourite American roots music. In reflective mood, she explains how he was in effect giving her "his essential self". SB

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Whispering Campaigner

  Whispering Campaigner - Roland White - from the Radio Times

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