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Following my run of programmes on the network during Christmas 1996, I began a series of regular shows on 29th March 1997. I broadcast every Saturday evening for three hours from 11pm until 2am, now working with Mark Simpson, a friend and colleague from the GLR days.

I build my programmes at home. I produce a running order and it and the corresponding CD's go into a programme box which I take into the studio with me, so I play all my own CD's and records. I like the programme to have a musical flow (the American 'wave' idea is my template) with segues of maybe two, three or four tracks together. I try to play a lot of different styles and blend each track as seamlessly as possible. I find programme building fabulously enjoyable and rewardingly creative. I spend a lot of time trying to get it right. I don't 'format' the show at all but I do use the Rockdate diary to inject familiarity.

The music is contempory and as diverse and interesting as I can make it. A 'no boundaries' music mix. If you want details of the tracks I'm playing, look up the playlist section on the web site.

Radio 2 is available in stereo to anyone in the UK with Freeview on channel 72, Sky Digital on channel 0102 or Virgin TV on channel 860 or 902

Sessions 2010

Lisa Redford Lisa Redford
27 March
Music And The Mountains
Makes Your Heart Sing
NY Song
Live Your Life

Paul Brady Paul Brady
20 March
Lakes Of Ponchartrain
One More Today
Money To Burn

Jill Sobule Jill Sobule
06 March
Palm Springs
Where's Bobby Gentry?
Wendell Lee
Houdini's Box
Jet Pack

Among The Oak And Ash Among The Oak And Ash
27 February
The Water Is Wide
Angel Gabriel
Housewife's Lament

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers
20 February
Summer Number 39
I Do
Green And Dumb

Jonatha Brooke Jonatha Brooke
13 February
Safe And Sound
10 Cent Wings
Love Is A Battlefield
Start Again

Joan Armatrading Joan Armatrading
06 February
Heading Back To New York City
This Charming Life
My Baby's Gone
Love And Affection

Marcus Bonfanti Marcus Bonfanti
30 January
What Good Am I To You
Tweed Blazer
Devil Girl
Give Me Your Cash

Kate Walsh Kate Walsh
23 January
Your Song
Greatest Love
As He Pleases
The Dark Night

Black Joe Lewis Black Joe Lewis
16 January
Big Booty Woman
Somebody Loves Me

The Low Anthem The Low Anthem
09 January
This God Damn House
Ticket Taker
Cage The Songbird
To Ohio

Sessions 2009

Israel Nash Israel Nash
02 January
Let It Go
Don't Run
Pray For Rain

Valerie Marshall Valerie Marshall
26 December
Cupid's Butterfly
Love's Ghost
Can't Let Go
Diamonds And Pearls

The Capitol Years The Capitol Years
19 December
You Can Stay There
Rolling Hills
Endless Town

Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett
12 December
Honest Man
Sailin' Shoes
Down On The Farm

Sam Carter Sam Carter
05 December
Oh Dear, Rue The Day
Yellow Sign
Hired Hands

Alela Diane Alela Diane
28 November
Lady Divine
White As Diamonds
Dry Grass And Shadows
Tatted Lace

Thea Gilmore Thea Gilmore
21 November
That'll Be Christmas
Thea Gilmore's Winter Toast
Old December
Cold Coming

Sam Baker Sam Baker
14 November

Tinariwen Tinariwen
31 October
Imidiwan Afrik Tendam
Assuf Ag Assuf

McIntosh Ross McIntosh Ross
24 October
Oh The Dark
A Passing Place
Any Trust I Place In You

Ruby Turner Ruby Turner
17 October
Take My Hand, Precious Lord
This Train
Oh Mary Don t You Weep
I'm Travelling On

Portland Portland
10 October
The Letter
Believe In You
Burning Sky

Stephen Dale Petit Stephen Dale Petit
03 October
As The Years Go Passing By
My Friend Bob
A Better Answer
It's All Good

James Grant James Grant
26 September
My Father's Coat
Strange Flowers
Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Sarah Jane Morris Sarah Jane Morris
05 September
Promised Land
You Know Her
It's A Shame
Never Forget How To Dance

Katy Lied Katy Lied
22 August
When It Rains
Piece By Piece
Katy Lied
Welcome To The World

Aynsley Lister Aynsley Lister
15 August
What It's All About
Sugar Low

The Whispertown 2000 The Whispertown 2000
08 August
Erase The Lines
Pushing Oars
Done With Love
Old Times

Sonny Landreth Sonny Landreth
01 August
Blue Tarp Blues
Next Of Kindred Spirit
South Of I-10
Zydeco Shuffle

Fredo Viola Fredo Viola
25 July
Death Of A Son
The Sad Song
Robinson Crusoe
Red States

Bex Marshall Bex Marshall
18 July
Black Guitar
Too Much Rock 'n' Roll
Hot Headed Man
Kitchen Table

Dave Matthews Dave Matthews
18 July
Dive In
Funny The Way It Is
Lying In The Hand Of God

Andrea Glass Andrea Glass
11 July
Don't Burn Down The House

The Price
We Could Be Over

Steve Cradock Steve Cradock
04 July
Beware Falling Rocks
You Paint Your Picture
Something Better
The Apple

Glenn Tilbrook Glenn Tilbrook
27 June
Melancholy Emotion
Best Of Times
Through The Net

Steve Forbert Steve Forbert
20 June
Hang On Again Til The Sun Shines
Stolen Identity
Blackbird Tune
Sing It Again, My Friend

Ben Kweller Ben Kweller
13 June
Sawdust Man
Wantin' Her Again
Penny On The Train Track

Carrie Rodriguez Carrie Rodriguez
06 June
El Salvador
She Ain't Me
Rag Doll

Jon Allen Jon Allen
30 May
Young Man Blues
Going Home
Dead Man's Suit
New Year's Eve

The Olympic Symphonium The Olympic Symphonium
23 May
Intentions Alone
Cold And Blue
A Lot To Learn

The Bowmans The Bowmans
16 May
Nothing Yet
Make It Last
On The Road
Southern Sky

Walter Strauss Walter Strauss
09 May
The Spring Song

Ben Taylor Ben Taylor
02 May
Dangerous Girl
Turn On The Lights
After It's Over
Wicked Way

Martyn Joseph Martyn Joseph
25 April
On My Way
Some Of Us
Lonely Like America

Ella Edmondson Ella Edmondson
18 April
Hold Your Horses
Sing For You

Lau Lau
11 April
The Master
The Burrian
The Unquiet Grave

Eliza Carthy Eliza Carthy
04 April
Two Tears
Mr Magnifico
Hug Like A Mountain

Hey Negrita Hey Negrita
21 March
Nine To Five
Room Service
The Last Thing That I Do

Greg Pearle and John Illsley Greg Pearle and John Illsley
14 March
Loving You
Love Let Me Breathe
Romeo and Juliet

Mawkin Causley Mawkin Causley
07 March

The Greenlander
George's Son
The Jolly Broom Man

The Lost Brothers The Lost Brothers
28 February
Last Day On The Job
Ribbons And Bows
Who Could Love You More
Angry At The Sun

Nitin Sawhney Nitin Sawhney
21 February
My Soul
October Daze
Noches En Vela
Letting Go

Jonatha Brooke Jonatha Brooke
14 February
All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me
Sweetest Angel
A Taste Of Danger
You Ought To Be Satisfied Now
Madonna On The Curb

Tift Merritt Tift Merritt
07 February
I Know What I'm Looking For
Bar With A TV On
Keep You Happy
Another Country

Rosabella Gregory Rosabella Gregory
31 January

Fake Lazy Supernovas Fake Lazy Supernovas
24 January

Golden Boy

Cara Dillon Cara Dillon
17 January
P Stands For Paddy (Lament for Johnny)
Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
The Parting Glass
The Verdant Braes Of Skreen

Chris While and Julie Matthews Chris While and Julie Matthews
10 January
Together Alone
Single Act Of Kindness
Shadow Of My Former Self
Welcome To Your Life

Sessions 2008

Joe Brown Joe Brown
03 January
Stay Young
I'll See You In My Dreams
Long Gone
Killing The Blues

Richard Thompson Richard Thompson
27 December
A Hunting The Wren
Oops!... I Did It Again
See My Friends
So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo

Calexico Calexico
20 December
Victor Jara's Hands
Two Silver Trees
House Of Valparaiso

Steve Tilston Steve Tilston
13 December
The Road When I Was Young
Goodbye Madam Muse
Speaking In Tongues
Life By Misadventure

Josh Rouse Josh Rouse
06 December
Lemon Tree
Winter In The Hamptons
My Love Is Gone

Bryan Adams Bryan Adams
29 November
The Way Of The World
Tonight We Have The Stars
House Arrest
Walk On By

Southside Johnny Southside Johnny
29 November
I Don't Want To Go Home
Tired Skin
Tango Till They're Sore

Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes
22 November
Your Protector
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
Blue Ridge Mountain

Nell Bryden Nell Bryden
15 November
Helen's Requiem
Second Time Around

Marillion Marillion
01 November
80 Days
This Train Is My Life
Whatever Is Wrong With You
This Is The 21st Century

Luke Doucet Luke Doucet
25 October
It's Not The Liquor I Miss
Blood's Too Rich
The Day Rick Danko Died
Long Haul Driver

Tom Russell Tom Russell
25 October
Stealing Electricity
Big Water
Who's Gonna Build Your Wall

Julie Fowlis Julie Fowlis
18 October
Biodh An Deoch Seo 'n Laimh Mo Ruin
Hug Air A Bhonald Mhoir
Turas San Lochmor

Annie Keating Annie Keating
11 October
For The Taking
On The Road By Ten
It Already Hurts When You Leave

Walter Trout Walter Trout
04 October
A Matter Of The Heart
The Next Big Thing
Welcome To The Human Race
In My Mind

Angie Palmer Angie Palmer
27 September
If I Was
Fiery Lake
Hey Lazarus

Gougers Gougers
20 September
Everybody Knows
To Mock A Killing Bird

Eileen Rose Eileen Rose
13 September
All Those Pretty Things
$20 Shoes
Trying To Lose You
Sad Ride Home

Fraser Anderson Fraser Anderson
06 September
I Hope I'm Alive
Rag and Bones

Aimee Mann Aimee Mann
23 August
31 Today
Borrowing Time

Kate Rogers Kate Rogers
16 August
St Eustacia
Stealing From You

Teddy Thompson Teddy Thompson
09 August
Where To Go From Here
Jonathan's Book
Don't Know What I Was Thinking
In My Arms

Jim Moray Jim Moray
02 August
Three Black Feathers
Leaving Australia
The Rufford Park Poachers
The Wild Boar

Justin Townes Earle Justin Townes Earle
26 July
Lone Pine Hill
South Georgia Sugar Babe
I Don't Care
Turn Out My Lights
Hard Livin'

Emily Smith Emily Smith
19 July
Sunset Hymn
May Colven
Come Home Pretty Bird
The Mermaid Of Galloway

Cath and Phil Tyler Cath and Phil Tyler
12 July
Water Is Wide
Queen Sally
Wether's Skin
False True Love

Ben Harper Ben Harper
05 July
Fight Outta You
There Will Be A Light
Waiting For You

Eric Bibb Eric Bibb
21 June
In My Father's House
Get Onboard
Spirit I Am
River Blues

Thea Gilmore Thea Gilmore
07 June
Old Soul
The Lower Road

Andy Fairweather Low Andy Fairweather Low
31 May
I Don't Need
Wide Eyed And Legless
Ashes And Diamonds
Hymn 4 My Soul

Kim Richey Kim Richey
24 May
Chinese Boxes
Every River
Turn Me
The Absence Of Your Company

Fish Fish
17 May
Zoe 25
13th Star
Arc of the Curve

Danny and the Champions of the World Danny and the Champions of the World
10 May
I Still Believe
The Truest Kind
Shadow Of The Wolf
The Red Tree Song

Heidi Talbot Heidi Talbot
03 May
Bedlam Boys
When They Ring The Golden Bells
If You Stay

Pete Molinari Pete Molinari
26 April
It Came Out Of The Wilderness
God Damn Lonesome Blues
A Virtual Landslide

Yoriyos Yoriyos
12 April
Love At The Gates Of Dawn
(unnamed song)
The Pied Piper

Corinne West Corinne West
05 April
Second Sight
Cabin Door
Gandy Dancer

Morcheeba Morcheeba
15 March
Gain The World
Enjoy The Ride
Au Dela
Run Honey Run

Ruth Notman Ruth Notman
08 March
Heather Down The Moor
Billy Don't You Weep For Me
Fause Fause

The Gathering of... The Gathering of...
01 March
False Hands
Don't Make Me Old Before My Time
Meet Me On The Corner
Fire On The Line

Storys Storys
23 February
It's All We Really Need
Be By Your Side
Long Hard Road
Town Beyond The Trees

Oh Laura Oh Laura
09 February
Mess You Left Behind
Release Me
Black N' Blue
It Ain't Enough

Josh Ritter Josh Ritter
02 February
To The Dogs Or Whoever
The Temptation Of Adam
Empty Hearts

Stewboss Stewboss
26 January
Always How It Starts
Fill Station
Swing That Axe

Steve Forbert Steve Forbert
19 January
Thirty More Years
What Kind Of Guy
Middle Age

Paul Carrack Paul Carrack
12 January
Satisfy My Soul
Love Will Keep Us Alive
How Long
Running Out Of Time
Raining, Raining

Sessions 2007

Dennis Locorriere Dennis Locorriere
05 January
Unchain My Heart
Dance On Daddy's Feet
Shine Son
I'm Impressed With Myself

Beth Rowley Beth Rowley
22 December
Oh My Life
Sweet Hours
Only One Cloud
Nobody's Fault But Mine

Peter Von Poehl Peter Von Poehl
08 December
Story Of The Impossible

Dion Dion
01 December
Son Of Skip James
Baby I'm In The Mood
And The Night Stood Still

Joe Bonamassa Joe Bonamassa
04 August
Sloe Gin
You Upset Me
High Water Everywhere
Woke Up Dreaming

Gary Fletcher Gary Fletcher
28 July
A Lie Is A Lie
May You Now Find Peace

Martyn Joseph Martyn Joseph
28 July
Some Of us
Proud Valley Boy
Turn Me Tender

Stephanie Dosen Stephanie Dosen
21 July
This Joy
A Lily For The Spectre

Tia McGraff Tia McGraff
14 July
Second Chance
Hope Is Everything
I Can't Quit
Oughta Be Rock

Sunny Sweeney Sunny Sweeney
07 July
Lavender Blue
16th Avenue
Next Big Nothing
Band Of Gold

Yvonne Lyon Yvonne Lyon
30 June
Everything's Fine

Jackie Leven Jackie Leven
23 June
Blues Run The Game
Kings Of Infinite Space
One Man One Guitar

Anais Mitchell Anais Mitchell
16 June
Old Fashioned Hat
Before The Eyes Of Storytelling Girls
Behind The Wall (Hades Town)

Blue Rodeo Blue Rodeo
09 June
Bad Timing
What Am I Doing Here?

Ron Sexsmith Ron Sexsmith
09 June
Secret Heart
Never Give Up
Not About To Lose
These Days

Wire Daisies Wire Daisies
02 June
Let Me Love You
Rocket Girl
Time Will Tell
Come Home Safely

Megson Megson
26 May
I Lied
Smoke Of Home
Follow It On
Butternut Hill

Jesse Malin Jesse Malin
12 May
Don't Let Them Take You Down
Broken Radio

Sue Foley Sue Foley
12 May
So Far
Down The Big Road Blues
Two Moons Gone

Joan Armatrading Joan Armatrading
05 May
Empty Highway
Into The Blues
All The Way From America
Something's Gotta Blow
Tall In The Saddle
Love And Affection
Woman In Love

Martha Tilston Martha Tilston
28 April
Winter Flowers

Marillion Marillion
21 April
Afraid Of Sunlight
Fantastic Place
Thank You Whoever You Are
Somewhere Else
The Last Century For Man

Show Of Hands Show Of Hands
14 April
Country Life
Are We Alright?

The Draytones The Draytones
07 April
Keep Loving Me
Out Of This World

Scott Matthews Scott Matthews
31 March
Dream Song
Passing Stranger
Eyes Wider Than Before

Aynsley Lister Aynsley Lister
24 March
Get Away
Disorderly Me

Endrick Brothers Endrick Brothers
17 March
Thorns On Every Rose
Loser's Excuse
Queen Of The Summer
Beautiful Rejection

Justin Rutledge Justin Rutledge
10 March
I'm Your Man, You're My Radio
Does It Make You Rain?
Come Summertime

David Celia David Celia
03 March
Best Thing Ever
I Found You
Evidently True

Tunng Tunng
24 February
Jenny Again
It's Because...We've Got Her
Fair Doreen/Stories

Rebecca Worthley Rebecca Worthley
17 February
Myths Of Competition
Coming Home

Roman Candle Roman Candle
10 February
Modern Radio
Wish I Was In New York
Something Left To Say

Thea Gilmore Thea Gilmore
10 February
December In New York
Teacher, Teacher
Lip Reading
Are You Ready?

Kris Drever Kris Drever
03 February
Poor Man's Son
Harvest Gypsies
Steel And Stone

Bruce Cockburn Bruce Cockburn
27 January
When You Give It Away
Life Short Call Now

Angie Palmer Angie Palmer
13 January
The Ballad Of John Henry
Fool's Gold
Premonition Blues

Sessions 2006

Jon Redfern Jon Redfern
06 January
Can't Take The Heat
I Love The Sun

I'm Still Young

Lisa Redford Lisa Redford
23 December
Lost Again
You Will Know
Don't Tell Me

Brian Houston Brian Houston
09 December
Red Badge Of Courage
Sugar Queen
These Days
Childish Things
Christmas Day

Derrin Nauendorf Derrin Nauendorf
25 November
Shatter Like Stars
Universe Demands

Sessions 2005

David Kitt David Kitt
18 November
Guilty Prayers Pointless Ends
What I Ask

Sessions 2004

Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion
19 March
In Lieu Of Flowers

Sessions 2003

Anne McCue Anne McCue
20 March
Tiny Little Song
My Only One
I Want You Back

Gretchen Peters Gretchen Peters
08 November
On A Bus To St. Cloud
Don't Cry A Tear For Me
The Secret Of Life
Kim Patton-Johnston and Devon O'Day Kim Patton-Johnston and Devon O'Day
08 November
All Through The Morning
St Francis

Previous sessions were on the Saturday Programme


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