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Following my run of programmes on the network during Christmas 1996, I began a series of regular shows on 29th March 1997. I broadcast every Sunday morning for three hours from 3am until 6am, now working with Mark Simpson, a friend and colleague from the GLR days.

I build my programmes at home. I produce a running order and it and the corresponding CD's go into a programme box which I take into the studio with me, so I play all my own CD's and records. I like the programme to have a musical flow (the American 'wave' idea is my template) with segues of maybe two, three or four tracks together. I try to play a lot of different styles and blend each track as seamlessly as possible. I find programme building fabulously enjoyable and rewardingly creative. I spend a lot of time trying to get it right. I don't 'format' the show at all but I do use the Rockdate diary to inject familiarity.

The music is contempory and as diverse and interesting as I can make it. A 'no boundaries' music mix. If you want details of the tracks I'm playing, look up the playlist section on the web site.

Radio 2 is available in stereo to anyone in the UK with Freeview on channel 72, Sky Digital on channel 0102 or Virgin TV on channel 860 or 902

Sessions 2017

Agnes Obel Agnes Obel
19 March
Golden Green
Citizen Of Glass

The Slow Show The Slow Show
05 March
Listen Again
Strangers Now
Ordinary Lives

Dodgy Dodgy
19 February
Where Shall I Begin
California Gold
Mended Heart

Dan Bettridge Dan Bettridge
05 February
Memphis Tennessee
Under Cover

Sessions 2016

Madeleine Peyroux Madeleine Peyroux
22 January
Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky
Hard Times Come Again No More
If The Sea Was Whiskey

Bear's Den Bear's Den
11 December
Dew On The Vine

The Avett Brothers The Avett Brothers
23 October
Ain't No Man
True Sadness

Monster Truck Monster Truck
09 October
Things Get Better
Don't Tell Me How To Live
For The People

Anna Krantz Anna Krantz
14 August
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Invasion Of Love

Rod Picott Rod Picott
31 July
Space Change
Elbow Grease
Maybe That's What It Takes

Robert Vincent Robert Vincent
17 July

Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou
03 July
One And The Same
Galley Hill

Jenn Grant Jenn Grant
19 June
Bring Me A Rose

Walter Trout Walter Trout
29 May
Cold Cold Ground
Things Ain't What They Used To Be
Two Sides To Every Story

Applewood Road Applewood Road
22 May
Old Time Country Song
Honey Won't You
Give Me Love

Sweet Billy Pilgrim Sweet Billy Pilgrim
08 May
Just Above Midtown
Chasing Horses

Danny Schmidt Danny Schmidt
24 April
Bad Year For Cane
Paper Crowes
Soon The Earth Shall Swallow

Ben Harper Ben Harper
17 April
Goodbye To You
Deeper And Deeper
Call It What It Is

Graham Nash Graham Nash
10 April
Myself At Last
This Path Tonight
Just A Song Before I Go

Steven Wilson Steven Wilson
03 April
Happiness III
Perfect Life
My Book Of Regrets

Chris Isaak Chris Isaak
27 March
Down In Flames
Perfect Lover
Please Don't Call

Lowri Evans Lowri Evans
13 March
Everywhere Is From Somewhere Else
Who's Loving You Tonight
Pieces Of Me

Ethan Johns Ethan Johns
28 February
I Don't Mind
Everyhting Is Fine

Jesse Malin Jesse Malin
14 February
You Know It's Dark When Atheists Start To Pray

Dawes Dawes
31 January
All Your Favourite Bands
Right On Time
Things Happen

Sessions 2015

Joe Pug Joe Pug
17 January
If Still It Can't Be Found
Stay And Dance
Bright Beginnings

Wildflowers Wildflowers
20 December
Another Million Miles
100 Personalities

Matthew E. White Matthew E. White
06 December
Rock 'n' Roll Is Cold
Circle Round The Sun
Feeling Good Is Good Enough

The Leisure Society The Leisure Society
25 October
Tall Black Cabins
You'll Never Know When It Breaks
The Fine Art Of Hanging On

Saint Saviour Saint Saviour
11 October
A Word
I Remember

Fairport Convention Fairport Convention
20 September
John Condon
Myths And Heroes
The Gallivant

Paul Brady Paul Brady
13 September
Steel Claw
The Long Goodbye

Bear's Den Bear's Den
16 August
Above The Clouds Of Pompeii

Bill Wyman Bill Wyman
09 August
What And How And If And When And Why
I Lost My Ring
I Got Time

Geoff Muldaur Geoff Muldaur
02 August
Gee Baby
Wild Ox Moan
Tennessee Blues

Benjamin Folke Thomas Benjamin Folke Thomas
19 July
Rhythm And Blues
Woman I Love

Gun Gun
05 July
One Wrong Turn
I Never Knew What I Had

Judith Owen Judith Owen
21 June
You're Not Here Anymore
I've Never Been To Texas
Train Out Of Hollywood

Joy Williams Joy Williams
14 June
What A Good Woman Does
Woman (Oh Mama)

The Henry Girls The Henry Girls
07 June
Sweet Dreams
There's A Light In The Window

Mark Nevin Mark Nevin
10 May
Love = Love = Love
100 Years Of Heartache

Bernie Marsden Bernie Marsden
26 April
Pick It Up
Here I Go Again

The Gravity Drive The Gravity Drive
12 April
Cherry Ripe
Hearts And Minds

Bronwynne Brent Bronwynne Brent
29 March
Hearts Of Fire
Already Gone
Dark Highway

The Barr Brothers The Barr Brothers
15 March
Come In The Water
Even The Darkness Has Arms
Love Ain't Enough

Joanne Shaw Taylor Joanne Shaw Taylor
01 March
Mud Honey
Dirty Truth

Police Dog Hogan Police Dog Hogan
15 February
Fraserburgh Train

Blackberry Smoke Blackberry Smoke
01 February
Ain't Got The Blues
Six Ways To Sunday
One Horse Town

Seth Lakeman Seth Lakeman
11 January
Shores Of Normandy
Portrait Of My Wife
Last Rider

Sessions 2014

Brigitte Demeyer Brigitte Demeyer
04 January
Home Ground
Big Man's Shoes
Say You Will Be Mine

Adam Duritz Adam Duritz
02 November
Listen Again

The Abrams Brothers The Abrams Brothers
26 October
Spend Your Life With Me
Tin Man
The Orange Blossom Special

David Gray David Gray
19 October
Beautiful Agony
Birds Of The High Arctic
This Year's Love

Dan Clews Dan Clews
12 October
Take One Away
Day And Night
My Angels Keep Me Safe

Sadie And The Hotheads Sadie And The Hotheads
05 October
Feel It
Everybody's Got A Song
All My Sins

Rab Noakes and Barbara Dickson Rab Noakes and Barbara Dickson
21 September
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
(Don't Say) Money Doesn't Matter
The Same Sky

Passenger Passenger
14 September
Let Her Go
Hearts Of Fire
Scare Away The Dark

Malcolm Holcombe Malcolm Holcombe
24 August
For The Love Of A Child
Savannah Blues
Pitiful Blues

Amanda Shires Amanda Shires
17 August
Wasted And Rollin'
Drop And Lift

Ethan Johns Ethan Johns
10 August
The Roses Are Dead
Among The Sugar Pines
The Sun Hardly Rises

Zervas And Pepper Zervas And Pepper
03 August
Ghost Dancer
These Blurred Lines
Look Out Mountain

Malojian Malojian
27 July
Julie Ann
The Old Timer
Often Wonder

No Sinner No Sinner
20 July
Devil On My Back
Boo Hoo Hoo
Rise Up

The Hosts The Hosts
13 July
September Rain
In Dreams
Show Me The Way

Angel Snow Angel Snow
06 July
Coal And Water
In My Head

Blue Rose Code Blue Rose Code
29 June
Into/The Right To Be Happy
Intro/One Day At A Time
Intro/Silent Drums

Heidi Talbot Heidi Talbot
22 June
Wine And Roses
Dearest Johnny
The Loneliest

Danny and the Champions of the World Danny and the Champions of the World
01 June
Stop Thief!
Other Days
(Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket

Natalie Merchant Natalie Merchant
25 May
Village Green Preservation Society
Kind And Generous
It's A Coming

Steve Tilston Steve Tilston
18 May
Beulah Road
Sovereign Of Tides
The Slip Jigs And Reels

Kimmie Rhodes Kimmie Rhodes
11 May
Adam's Song
Darlin' Oh Darlin'
You Don't Know Me

Lisbee Stainton Lisbee Stainton
04 May
Word Games
Fool's Gold

Beverley Martyn Beverley Martyn
27 April
When The Levee Breaks
Women And Malt Whiskey
Potters Blues

Eddi Reader Eddi Reader
20 April
Ae Fond Kiss
Pray The Devil Back To Hell

Georgia Ruth Georgia Ruth
06 April
Colorado Girl

The Temperance Movement The Temperance Movement
30 March
Chinese Lanterns
Morning Riders
Only Friend

Alan West Alan West
23 March
Fine Line
All Things For A Reason
You're On Your Own

Rams Pocket Radio Rams Pocket Radio
16 March
Coal My Lips Are Sealed
Love Is A Bitter Thing
Dogs Run In Packs

Asgeir Asgeir
09 March
Summer Guest
On That Day
In The Silence
Going Home

Sarah Jarosz Sarah Jarosz
02 March
Build Me Up From Bones
Over The Edge
A Thousand Things

Nell Bryden Nell Bryden
23 February
Mercy On Me
Only Life I Know

The Milk Carton Kids The Milk Carton Kids
16 February
On The Mend
Snake Eyes
Hope Of A Lifetime

Neil Finn Neil Finn
09 February
Pony Ride
Distant Sun
Strangest Friends

Andy Fairweather Low Andy Fairweather Low
02 February
Hymn For My Soul
When Things Go Wrong
La La Music

Paper Beat Scissors Paper Beat Scissors
26 January
What Am I
Rest Your Bones

Paper Aeroplanes Paper Aeroplanes
19 January
Red Rover
At The Altar
Little Letters

Pete Roe Pete Roe
12 January
Strange Kind Of Mystery
Further Into Midnight
There Has To Be A Reason

Sessions 2013

Justin Currie Justin Currie
05 January
I Hate Myself For Loving You
Every Song's The Same

Phosphorescent Phosphorescent
22 December
Terror In The Canyons
Song For Zula
A New Anhedonia

Tess Of The Circle Tess Of The Circle
15 December
Mixed Emotions
Girl In The Window

The Dunwells The Dunwells
15 December
Follow The Road
Goodnight My City
Blind Sighted Faith

Nick Capaldi Nick Capaldi
08 December
Here To See
In My Shoes
Dumb It All Up

The Cadillac Three The Cadillac Three
01 December
Party Like You
Tennessee Mojo
Turn It On
I'm Southern
White Lightning

03 November
Departure And Farewell
Walking Past The Graveyard

Midlake Midlake
03 November
It's Going Down
The Old And The Young

Nick Capaldi Nick Capaldi
27 October
Dumb It All Up
Here To See
In My Shoes

Sam Baker Sam Baker
20 October
White Heat
Isn't Love Great
Say Grace

John Murry John Murry
13 October
Miss Magdalene
Thorn Tree In The Garden

Black Books Black Books
06 October
In My Arms
Something To Remember
Alley Cats

Billy Bragg Billy Bragg
22 September
Handyman Blues
A New England
I Still Miss Someone

Callaghan Callaghan
22 September
When You Loved Me
To Be Loved By You

JD McPherson JD McPherson
22 September
North Side Gal
OIl In My Lamp
Country Boy

Matthew Perryman Jones Matthew Perryman Jones
22 September
Can't Get It Right
Hole In My Heart
Waking Up The Dead

Dreaming Spires Dreaming Spires
15 September
Everything All The TIme
We Used To Have Parties
Brothers In Brooklyn

JJ Grey JJ Grey
08 September
Somebody Else
Tame A Wild One
This River

Gordon Giltrap Gordon Giltrap
01 September
Ravens Will Fly Away
Fiona's Smile

The Leisure Society The Leisure Society
25 August
Forever Shall We Want
The Sober Scent Of Paper
The Last Of The Melting Snow

Dawes Dawes
18 August
Most People
From A Window Seat
From The Right Angle

Lord Huron Lord Huron
04 August
Time To Run
She Lit A Fire
I Will Be Back One Day

Marcus Bonfanti Marcus Bonfanti
28 July
The Bittersweet
Cheap Whiskey
Honest Boy

Ruth Moody Ruth Moody
21 July
One Light Shining
Trouble And Woe
Dancing In The Dark

The Silver Seas The Silver Seas
14 July
I'm The One
A Night On The Town

Thea Gilmore Thea Gilmore
07 July
This Road
Start As We Mean To Go On
This Is How You Find The Way

Robyn Hitchcock Robyn Hitchcock
30 June
My Rain
I Love You
Be Still

Willie Nile Willie Nile
23 June
She's Got My Heart
One Guitar
American Ride

Ethan Johns Ethan Johns
16 June
April Fool
Hello Sunshine
Red Rooster Blue

Jake Bugg Jake Bugg
09 June
Lightning Bolt
Country Song
Taste It

Bex Marshall Bex Marshall
02 June
Bite Me
The House Of Mercy
Bourbon Street

Martyn Joseph Martyn Joseph
26 May
Beyond Us
Let Yourself
There's Always Maybe

John Grant John Grant
19 May
Why Don't You Love Me Anymore

Geva Alon Geva Alon
12 May
The Wind Whispers
I See The Love
Modern Love

Boss Caine Boss Caine
05 May
Man Overboard
Leaving Victoria
Sweet Sorrow Surrender

Fossil Collective Fossil Collective
28 April
Let It Go

Sean Taylor Sean Taylor
21 April
Listen Again
16 Tons

Chris While and Julie Matthews Chris While and Julie Matthews
14 April
Listen Again
Half A World Away
Shaky Town
Hope Springs

Milo Greene Milo Greene
07 April
Listen Again
What's The Matter
Take A Step

Hatful Of Rain Hatful Of Rain
24 March
Strawberry Leaves
Way Up On The Hill
The Exit Song

Fairport Convention Fairport Convention
17 March
Listen Again
Festival Bell
John Gaudie
Crazy Man Michael
Who Knows Where The Time Goes

The Willows The Willows
10 March
Listen Again
Bella's Fury
Absent Friends
Gone Are The Days

Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou
03 March
Listen Again
More Than A Moment
For A Minute There
A Proud Surrender

Dan Reed Network Dan Reed Network
24 February
All I Need Is You
Signal Fire
Rainbow Child
Brave New World

The Beauty Room The Beauty Room
17 February
Listen Again
Holding On
But For Now
All In My Head
Walking The Fine Line

Danny Thompson Danny Thompson
10 February
Listen Again
Come Into This Room

Keston Cobblers Club Keston Cobblers Club
03 February
Listen Again
Maybe We'll Be Heard
Pett Level
Half Full

Patterson Hood Patterson Hood
27 January
Listen Again
Come Back Little Star
Leaving Time
Heat Lightning

Rosabella Gregory Rosabella Gregory
20 January
Better Love Next Time
When It Hurts

Urusen Urusen
20 January
A Once Was A Tramp And Tree
In Search Of The Delta
Step Off The Train

Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher
13 January
Pigeon Song
Might As Well Trust In Me
Boo Hoo

Sessions 2012

The Longsands The Longsands
06 January
Listen Again
Worlds Collide
Little Britain

Tom Paley Tom Paley
23 December
Midnight Special
Keep On Truckin' Mama
Sally In The Garden

Show Of Hands Show Of Hands
16 December
Haunt You
Country Life
Aunt Maria
Company Town

The Staves The Staves
16 December
Dead And Born And Grown
Gone Tomorrow
Pay Us No Mind

Father John Misty Father John Misty
09 December
Listen Again
The Only Son Of A Ladies Man
I'm Writing A Novel
Fun Times In Babylon

Blame Sally Blame Sally
02 December
Listen Again
Big Big Bed
Our Religion
Bird In Hand

Jane Taylor Jane Taylor
25 November
Listen Again
Mr Claus
I Will Run To You
Under A Sky

Love And Money Love And Money
18 November
Sin Of Pity
Devil's Debt
Lips Like Ether

Seth Lakeman Seth Lakeman
18 November
Blacksmith's Prayer
Apple Of His Eye
Solomon Brown

Ellen and the Escapades Ellen and the Escapades
11 November
Without You
I'll Keep You Warm

Steve Forbert Steve Forbert
11 November
Listen Again
Over With You
That'd Be Alright
Blue Yodel #9 (Beale and Main)
In Love With You

Coal Porters Coal Porters
28 October
Never Right His Wrong
You Only Miss Her When She's Gone

Martin Stephenson Martin Stephenson
21 October
Listen Again
Sweet Cheer Wine
Wholly Humble Heart
Little Red Bottle

Robert Cray Robert Cray
21 October
Listen Again
I've Done Cryin'
Side Dish
Won't Be Coming Home

Loreena McKennitt Loreena McKennitt
14 October
Bonnie Portmore
Lady Of Shallott
The Stolen Child

World Party World Party
14 October
Sweet Soul Dream
Mystery Girl
Is It Like Today
Everybody's Falling In Love

Beth Orton Beth Orton
07 October
Poison Tree

Deacon Blue Deacon Blue
07 October
She'll Understand
Here I Am In London Town
Chocolate Girl

Justin Townes Earle Justin Townes Earle
30 September
Memphis In The Rain
Am I That Lonely Tonight
Look The Other Way

Bruce Cockburn Bruce Cockburn
09 September
The Embers Of Eden
The Iris Of The World
When You Give It Away

Plainsong Plainsong
09 September
Old Man At The Mill
If I Needed Rain
Guiding Light
Lost John

Joan Armatrading Joan Armatrading
02 September
Listen Again
Tell Me
Summer Kisses

Phantom Limb Phantom Limb
26 August
I'll Have Mercy
Laugh Like You're Mad
The Pines

Dawes Dawes
19 August
Listen Again
When My Time Comes
A Little Bit Of Everything
Time Spent In Los Angeles

Dodgy Dodgy
12 August
Find A Place
Only A Heartbeat
Back Of You

Eric Brace and Peter Cooper Eric Brace and Peter Cooper
12 August
Listen Again
I Know A Bird
Feel Much Better Now
Wait A Minute

Ralph McTell Ralph McTell
05 August
Listen Again
The London Apprentice
A Kiss In The Rain
The Ghost Of Robert Johnson

Garland Jeffreys Garland Jeffreys
22 July
I'm Alive

Hail Hail Rock and Roll

Nell Bryden Nell Bryden
22 July
Shake The Tree
Mercy On Me

Cara Luft Cara Luft
15 July
It's Gonna Be Alright
Bye Bye Love
My Darling One

Chuck Prophet Chuck Prophet
15 July
The Left Hand And The Right Hand
Willie Mays Is Up At Bat
Little Girl, Little Boy

Blind Atlas Blind Atlas
08 July
Damned Worlds
Mary Anne
Easy Way Out

Rival Sons Rival Sons
24 June
Sacred Tongue
Face Of Light

Society Society
17 June
Listen Again
Roll Home Sweetheart
Blues Flag
Wheel's A Turning

Anais Mitchell Anais Mitchell
10 June
Young Man In America
Dyin' Day
Before the Eyes of Storytelling Girls

Whitehorse Whitehorse
03 June
Killing Time Is Murder
Emerald Isle

Garland Jeffreys Garland Jeffreys
27 May
Coney Island Winter
35 Millimeter Dreams

Sara Petite Sara Petite
27 May
Baby Let Me In
Circus Comes To Town
Drinking To Remember

The Dead Flamingoes The Dead Flamingoes
20 May
Jealous Sailor
Hold Your Fire

Lisbee Stainton Lisbee Stainton
13 May
The Author

Sweet Billy Pilgrim Sweet Billy Pilgrim
13 May
Blue Sky Falls
Joyful Reunion

Amanda Shires Amanda Shires
06 May
Listen Again
Shake The Walls
When You Need A Train

Billy Bragg Billy Bragg
06 May
I Ain't Got No Home
Don't You Marry
Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key

Chris Isaak Chris Isaak
29 April
Back On Your Side
My Baby Left Me
Miss Pearl
Trying To Get To You
Rock 'n' Roll Medley

Jim Moray Jim Moray
29 April
The Wishfulness Waltz
Horkstow Grange
Lord Douglas

James McCartney James McCartney
22 April
Wings Of A Lightest Weight
Old Man

Simone Felice Simone Felice
22 April
New York Times
One More American Song

Mull Historical Society Mull Historical Society
08 April
Fold Out City
This Is Not My Heart
It Seems
The Lights

Dr John Dr John
01 April
Listen Again
Such A Night
Big Shot

Michael Kiwanuka Michael Kiwanuka
25 March
Listen Again
Home Again
I'm Getting Ready

The Deep Dark Woods The Deep Dark Woods
18 March
Listen Again
The Bank Of The Leopold Canal
All The Money I Have I Gone
The Place I Left Behind
Sugar Mama

The Silver Seas The Silver Seas
11 March
Listen Again
Home And Dry
Those Streets

Bap Kennedy Bap Kennedy
04 March
Working Man
Please Return to Jesus
The Right Stuff

Lisa Hannigan Lisa Hannigan
26 February
Little Bird
What'll I Do

Laura Veirs Laura Veirs
19 February
Carol Kaye
The Fox
When You Give Your Heart
All The Pretty Horses

Martin Simpson Martin Simpson
19 February
North Country Blues
Brother Can You Spare A Dime
In The Pines
Never Any Good

Peter Bruntnell Peter Bruntnell
12 February
Listen Again
London Clay
St Christopher
Bruise On The Sky

Tiny Ruins Tiny Ruins
05 February
Listen Again
Old As The Hills
You've Got The Kind Of Nerve I Like
Running Through The Night

The Travelling Band The Travelling Band
29 January
Screaming Is Something

Verden Allen and Soft Ground Verden Allen and Soft Ground
22 January
Listen Again
Carry On
Do You Want Me 2
Long Time No See

Paul Freeman Paul Freeman
15 January
Listen Again
Blind Man Blues
That's How It Is
The Promise

Sessions 2011

Megan Henwood Megan Henwood
08 January
Listen Again
White Lies
Hope On The Horizon
What Elliott Said
Making Waves

Seasick Steve Seasick Steve
25 December
Listen Again
Started Out With Nothing
Christmas Prison Blues
Walkin' Man

Little Fish Little Fish
18 December
Listen Again
The Umbilical Chord
Morning Call
Heroin Dance

Roddy Hart Roddy Hart
18 December
Friday Night
Old City Avalanche

Nuala Kennedy Nuala Kennedy
11 December
My Bonny Labouring Boy
The Lonely City

Jennifer Crook Jennifer Crook
04 December
Listen Again
The Merry Go Round
Coming Down The Road

Catherine MacLellan Catherine MacLellan
20 November
True Love
Trickle Down Rain

Neil Finn Neil Finn
20 November
Golden Child
Missing Person

Lynn Miles Lynn Miles
09 October
Listen Again
Something Beautiful
Three Chords And The Truth
Love Doesn't Hurt

Bettysoo and Doug Cox Bettysoo and Doug Cox
02 October
Lie To Me
Never The Pretty One
Dublin Blues

The Bible The Bible
25 September
First Day In Hell
Cigarette Girls

Amos Lee Amos Lee
18 September
Listen Again
El Camino
Windows Are Rolled Down

Annabelle Chvostek Annabelle Chvostek
11 September
Piece Of You
The Devil's Paintbrush Road

The Toy Hearts The Toy Hearts
04 September
Femme Fatale
Montpelier Street
The Captain

Charlie Dore Charlie Dore
21 August
A Man Walks Into A Bar
Long Distance Love
Cheapskate Lullabyes

Christopher Rees Christopher Rees
07 August
In The Middle Of The Night
Heart On Fire
Morning Light
Sparks Flying

Ellis Paul Ellis Paul
31 July
Hurricane Angel
Rose Tattoo

Lizanne Knott Lizanne Knott
31 July
Listen Again
Too Much Love

The Webb Sisters The Webb Sisters
17 July
If It Be Your Will
In Your Father's Eyes
1000 Stars

Bella Hardy Bella Hardy
10 July
Listen Again
Good Friday
Walk It With You
The Herring Girl
Jenny Wren

Tamikrest Tamikrest
03 July

Aratan N Tinariwen
Aidjam Adaky

Danny Schmidt Danny Schmidt
26 June
This Too Shall Pass
The Company Of Friends
Better Off Broke

Annie Keating Annie Keating
19 June
On The Loose
Victoria Station
Water Tower View
First Of November

C. W. Stoneking C. W. Stoneking
12 June
The Love Me Or Die
Jungle Lullaby
Dodo Blues
Handyman Blues

Loudon Wainwright III Loudon Wainwright III
05 June
Motel Blues
All In A Family

Mostly Autumn Mostly Autumn
05 June
Heroes Never Die

Nils Lofgren Nils Lofgren
05 June
Little On Up

Donovan Donovan
29 May
Sunshine Superman
Season Of The Witch
Three Kingfishers

Eliza Carthy Eliza Carthy
29 May
A Letter

Lucy Wainwright Roche Lucy Wainwright Roche
29 May
Starting Square

Heidi Spencer And The Rare Birds Heidi Spencer And The Rare Birds
22 May
Moth Met Spider
Red Sky

JJ Grey JJ Grey
15 May
Hide and Seek
The Sweetest Thing
Beautiful World

Randy Newman Randy Newman
15 May
Listen Again

Robbie Robertson Robbie Robertson
08 May
Listen Again
When The Night Was Young
He Don't Live Here No More
Madame X
Heartbeat Drum Song

Roddy Woomble Roddy Woomble
08 May
Work Like You Can
Roll Along

Dylan LeBlanc Dylan LeBlanc
01 May
Death Of Outlaw Billy John
Innocent Sinner

Susan Enan Susan Enan
17 April
Bring On The Wonder
If You're Feeling Low

Mark Butcher Mark Butcher
10 April
Leave If You Want To
You're Never Gone
Love Finds A Way

Three Daft Monkeys Three Daft Monkeys
03 April
Days Of Dance
The Antiquated And The Arcane
She Said

Alexander Wolfe Alexander Wolfe
27 March
Stuck Under September
Song For The Dead

Heidi Talbot Heidi Talbot
20 March
The Last Star
At The End Of The Day
The Shepherd Lad

Emily Smith Emily Smith
13 March
Take You Home
Still We Dance On
Traiveller's Joy

Pete Molinari Pete Molinari
06 March
Minus Me
Trouble In Mind
New York City

Athlete Athlete
27 February
Superhuman Touch

Magnolia Summer Magnolia Summer
20 February
Planned Obsolescence
To Better Days
Birds Without A Wire

Teddy Thompson Teddy Thompson
20 February
The One I Can't Have

Ezio Ezio
13 February
Bruce Springsteen
30 And Confused
A Small Dream

Gregg Allman Gregg Allman
13 February
I Believe I'll Go Back Home
Floating Bridge
Just Another Rider

Ahab Ahab
06 February
Lightning Bug
Where's The One You Love

Gary Fletcher Gary Fletcher
30 January
I'll Never Leave You
I Just Don't Know
That's My Way

Two Fingers Of Firewater Two Fingers Of Firewater
23 January
Welcome Stranger
Loud/ Quiet
Day To Daydream
All Echoes Fade

Ruarri Joseph Ruarri Joseph
16 January
An Orchard For An Apple
Severed Dreams
Nervous Grin

Farrah Farrah
09 January
Sleep Above The Covers
Swings And Roundabouts

Sessions 2010

Sean Taylor Sean Taylor
02 January
Feel Alright
Hold On
Calcutta Grove

David Celia David Celia
26 December
I Tried
I'm Not Texan

Martha Tilston Martha Tilston
19 December
Old Tom Cat
My Chair
Silent Women

Cherry Ghost Cherry Ghost
12 December
Kissing Strangers
A Month Of Mornings

Michael Chapman Michael Chapman
05 December
Memphis In Winter
In The Valley
After All This TIme

The Pines The Pines
28 November
Heart And Bones
Shiny Shoes
Pray Tell

Joel Plaskett Joel Plaskett
21 November
Heartless, Heartless, Heartless
Through And Through And Through
Can I Go Nowhere With You
Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

Les Triaboliques Les Triaboliques

Black Earth Boys
Hora Anicuta Draga/Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Corina Corina

Yvonne Lyon Yvonne Lyon
07 November
All Is Not Lost
Lonely Road
I Am Loved

The Epstein The Epstein
17 October
Calling Out Your Name
Leave Your Light On
Another Band Has Gone
I Held You Once

Terry Emm Terry Emm
10 October
The Evening Walk

Furnace Mountain Furnace Mountain
03 October
Ooh Belle

Cadillac Sky Cadillac Sky
12 September
Human Cannonball

Sarah Jarosz Sarah Jarosz
12 September
My Muse
Song Up In Her Head

Tony Joe White Tony Joe White
12 September
Season Man
Tunica Motel
Long Way From The River

Will Hoge Will Hoge
12 September
Too Late, Too Soon
Even If It Breaks Your Heart
Favourite Waste Of Time

Fraser Anderson Fraser Anderson
05 September
Never Know
New York
Open Sky

Louis Eliot and the Embers Louis Eliot and the Embers
29 August
Runaway Night
Skimming Stones
One Step At A Time
Bottle Rocket

Walter Trout Walter Trout
22 August
Maybe A Fool

Magic Numbers Magic Numbers
15 August
Restless River
A Start With No Ending
The Pulse
Why Did You Call Tonight?

Suzanne Vega Suzanne Vega
08 August
I'll Never Be Your Maggie May
The Queen And The Soldier
The Man Who Played God

Mama Rosin Mama Rosin
01 August
La Valse Des Beaux-Freres
Le Two-Step De L'Haricot
Le Pistolet
J'vas Mon Chemin

John Grant John Grant
25 July
Outer Space
Where Dreams Go To Die
Sigourney Weaver
It's Easier

The Wynntown Marshals The Wynntown Marshals
18 July
You Can Have My Heart
48 Hours
Two's Company

Dan Clews Dan Clews
11 July
Day And Night
Lucid and Sincere
Saltry Man
Move Too Fast

Joe Bonamassa Joe Bonamassa
04 July
Steal Your Heart Away
Three Times A Fool
Woke Up Dreaming
Ball Peen Hammer

Alejandro Escovedo Alejandro Escovedo
27 June
Down In The Bowery
Tender Heart

Judie Tzuke Judie Tzuke
20 June
So Hollywood
All At Sea

Turin Brakes Turin Brakes
13 June

Sea Change
Feeling Oblivion

Paper Aeroplanes Paper Aeroplanes
06 June
Newport Beach
Take It Easy
The Days We Made

Marybeth D'Amico Marybeth D'Amico
23 May
Every Week
Back On My Feet
Where I Lay My Baby Down

Harper Simon Harper Simon
16 May
The Shine
Wishes And Stars
Berkeley Girl
Shooting Star

Danny and the Champions of the World Danny and the Champions of the World
09 May
Streets Of Our Time
Henry The Van
Restless Feet

Philip Sayce Philip Sayce
02 May
Cinnamon Girl
Any More
Angels Live Inside
My Pearl

Chris Scruggs Chris Scruggs
25 April
Old Souls Like You And Me
Sing Your Tune
It Ain't Right

Boo Hewerdine Boo Hewerdine
18 April
Muddy Water
Honey Be Good
New Years Eve

Darden Smith Darden Smith
11 April
Dying To Be Born Again
After All This Time
Sierra Diablo
Two Dollar Novels
Stephanie Lambring Stephanie Lambring
04 April
Trail Of Goodbye
Lonely To Alone

Previous sessions were on the Saturday Programme


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