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Programme Date Track
Bob Harris Sunday 30th Jan 2011 Charley Bostock Blues
13th Feb 2011 Dodo Blues
27th Feb 2011 Goin The Country
6th Mar 2011 She's A Bread Maker
1st May 2011 Dodo Blues
29th May 2011 Dodo Blues
12th Jun 2011 Dodo Blues
7th Aug 2011 Dodo Blues
25th Dec 2011 On A Christmas Day
8th Jan 2012 Goin The Country
26th Feb 2012 Handyman Blues
27th May 2012 Goin The Country
11th Nov 2012 Dodo Blues
23rd Dec 2012 On A Christmas Day
2nd Jun 2013 Goin The Country
3rd Aug 2014 Goin The Country
18th Dec 2016 On A Christmas Day
Saturday Programme 29th Jan 2011 Way Out In The World
5th Feb 2011 She's A Bread Maker
19th Feb 2011 Goin The Country
26th Feb 2011 Handyman Blues
26th Mar 2011 Rich Man's Blues


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